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two microscopes, a laptop, and an air sampler

Most of the content I create on this website relies on first-hand observations such as:

  • Visual inspection of trees in botanical gardens, urban wilderness, and the neighborhoods where I live or visit.
  • Regular pollen collection and identification in my lab.
  • Routine local and mobile air sampling.
  • Experiments conducted in my lab.

I do, however, sometimes rely on third parties for data that I can not confirm myself.

For example, even though I see most of the coastal redwood trees around me to be 30 to 100 feet tall, I can not conclude that coastal redwood trees can grow only 100 feet tall. To find out the maximum height a species of tree can attain, I rely on third-party resources.

Of course, to be confident of the third-party data, I only use authoritative resources such as, Virginia Tech, and books by doctors, scientists, and academics.

Although not common, sometimes authoritative sources do not agree with each other, or worse, they contradict my own first-hand observations.

This is why I believe that despite my best efforts, it is possible that an error can creep into the articles that I publish.

So, I would consider it a personal favor, if you bring any errors to my attention. It will help me improve how I create and verify the information for the articles.

Thank you!

Sudhir Setia

PS: Coastal redwood can grow up to 367 feet tall and can live for 2000 years – The trees of golden gate park and San Francisco by Elizabeth McClintock PhD

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