Pollen pictures of allergy plants.

The pollen pictures below were taken in my lab using an Olympus compound microscope. To bring clarity to the features of the pollen, different level of digital zoom is used. As a result, the pollen images are not to scale relative to each other. For example, cypress pollen which is around 32 microns, looks bigger than pine, which is 90 microns. So, do not draw inferences on pollen size by comparing the photos in the pollen library.

Some pictures were taken using a trinocular camera, and some were taken from a smartphone over the eyepiece.

Sudhir Setia

Sudhir is certified by the National Allergy Bureau (NAB) as a pollen counter and identifier. He has been living with Hay Fever for nearly 30 years and studies allergens at his aerobiology lab.

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